Who Is This Guy?

Harry, aka brettbum real name Brett ‘H’ Bumeter is a philosopher and blogger that works from a WiFi fishing dock in North Carolina.

He has served in Army Intelligence, worked in accounting and finance and taken a turn as a whistle blower against a large Chinese manufacturer and one of the largest banks in Hong Kong, plus one of the remaining ‘Big 4’ accounting firms. Unfortunately the IRS decided to go after Wesley Snipes that year instead.

He finds working as a writer, social media consultant and philosopher to be a great deal more rewarding (fun) and beneficial to society. Plus, it yields far fewer death threats from angry corporate Chinese mafia types that like to make their factory workers and auditors ‘disappeared’. Brett is unlikely to venture back into accounting any time soon. He’s no coward but smart enough to recognized a flawed and broken system that can not be repaired.

He has a double major in Finance and Accounting and a master’s degree in International Tax Law. He has studied Korean at the Defensive Language Institute and helped to field electronic battlefield equipment and technologies. He manages over 50 internet publications.

He is a writer but not a journalist, which suits him just fine. He once tested out of a college course in rhetoric on the first day of class, but returned every day afterwards to hone his craft.