It started out kind of slow compared to wicked, but finally picked up enough to be engrossing about half way through the book, I’m talking about Son of a Witch that is.  I got the impression that after the author’s ten year hiatus from Wicked, it just took a while for him to get orientated in the land of Oz again, but once he was there, he was determined to make it work.

So last night I stayed up until 5 in the morning finishing the book after I finished work around 1 am. 

This week, I’ve been planning out a trip to Las Vegas next week.  I’m making a trek to Vegas and Laughlin actually to catch up with my business partner Joe Klein of New Media Creative.  We are locking down some very interesting plans for the year.  I’m also hoping to maybe stop in and see everyone in the Las Vegas meetup group again.  Haven’t hung out with that crowd since Las Vegas WordCamp.   Vegas has a very vibrant and strong WordPress group, and after hanging with the local Charlotte group, I’m interested to see what ideas and practices might cross pollenate.

Today, I was spending a little time catching up with some bloggers at Blogexplosion.  I came across a new blogger I hadn’t met before that runs a blog called  Long story short, I noticed a recent tweet from them about how their current WP design wasn’t really doing it for her.

So I thought I’d jump into my favorite design platform for wordpress themes and see just how fast I could whip something together using a couple pictures from her own flickr account.

Here’s the before (or current I should say)


Here’s my 5 minute design after (I’m sure I could do better with a little guidance and feedback, but I just felt like a little random act of design kindness might help me get some focus on my next project for this evening.  :)


The original theme isn’t really that bad, and most of those widgets would import nicely into this them.  I just kind of thought the blog needed a slightly more personal feel, but maybe that isn’t Snarkey enough.  😉

Snarke, whomever you are :) , if you are out there and come across this, you are welcome to the theme btw.  Just leave a comment or email me or something.

Alternatively, if you want to try your hand at the design thing yourself, check out my theme design video at Softduit.