I booked my suite for IzeaFest 2009, which takes place in October 1 – 4.  I booked it a little early as the ultimate location of IzeaFest is not set in stone, but ultimately I know that it IS going to be in Orlando.

I’m going to be giving away free passes to IzeaFest at an undisclosed point in time in the future, so don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for updates on upcoming contests and opportunities!

image I might also speak at IzeaFest as well.  You can catch that at the show, and or you can get lots of help from me from now until then through my Izea Insiders Group at TheLiveWriterz.com.

Below is a teaser picture of where I’ll be in Orlando.  :)  I’ll share the name of the place after the location of the actual conference is disclosed.  I got a good deal, essentially $50 a night after tax.


I’m taking the family with me and they are going to hit Sea World and maybe Disney World too, while I go to IzeaFest.  Once I see the schedule of events, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find a day to go with them.  :)