Zemanta Ready for Blogging Prime time in 2011?

Several years back I was introduced to Zemanta while I was attending Blogworld.  I think it might’ve been in 2007 or 2008. At the time I thought it was a great application especially since it had a plug-in… Continue reading

Working on a New Novel – PETER3D OUT

For the last few weeks, I have been working on a new novel called PETER3D OUT.  Its a mystery in a cyberpunk future

I’ve been thinking over the premise and plot for several months and now I’m writing this puppy… Continue reading

New Michael Jackson Article Gets 666 PageViews

Lol, ok this is probably a little silly I’m sure, but was just checking the post publishing stats on the article about the New Michael Jackson Album to be released in November that I published last night, and it initially… Continue reading

Breaking the New Michael Jackson Album Story with Joe Klein

My friend and partner Joe Klein and I broke the story of the brand new Michael Jackson album story today.  We hit Google News 34 minutes later.


If you track your articles through the various social bookmarking networks, here… Continue reading

New Hampshire blogging

A friend of mine, David Wornica, has been blogging on th NoMoreIncumbents.org site for a couple months now. he’s responsible for the No More Incumbents site for New Hampshire. He is a great writer and has been doing a… Continue reading


I’m still enthralled with PayPerPost.com

There’s definitely something gratifying about their business model bringing advertisers and bloggers together with something that has more meaning and synergy than just a bot searching your blog looking for context and dumping some ad on your site.



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