Lessons Learned

Zemanta Ready for Blogging Prime time in 2011?

Several years back I was introduced to Zemanta while I was attending Blogworld.  I think it might’ve been in 2007 or 2008. At the time I thought it was a great application especially since it had a plug-in… Continue reading

Winning Despite Failure – Thanks Jim Kukral for the Timely Perspective

Yesterday, I found myself sitting in bankruptcy court, definitely, a first for me. Long story short, business has been good, but my personal finances went into a tail spin when Wells Fargo foreclosed on my home in the middle of… Continue reading

Vibram Five Finger Injuries – Lessons Learned about Avoiding Barefoot Injuries

Vibram Five Finger Toe Injury - 7 days after landing on my toe, bent under my foot while running I’ve been running in Vibram’s since September, that is up until about 2 weeks ago. 

imageI ramped up through the learning training curve last fall and things were going fantastic.  Loved the results, loved the feel, loved the new strength… Continue reading

Applied for Job in Position of Ass Kissing Weasel at Nail Communications (recently sourced by Vibram to promote barefoot running)

Its been 10 years since I last applied for a job and in the space of about 14 hours, I have now applied for 2!.

First, I sent off a message to Tony Post sking to pay him to let… Continue reading

What to do with All my Old Blogger Blogs? Created New Templates –> Maybe some Adsense Content too…

Years ago, I created a LOT of Blogger blogs.  Some of you may recall image that this particular site started out as a blogger blog too.

When I first set them up, I was basically just looking for an html playground… Continue reading

Flying through the Holidays – January Conferences

I’m wrapping up what has been a pretty good week all in all. All week, I’ve been working to provide free upgrades for my clients sites from last year. I haven’t hit them all yet, but I’ve hit most of… Continue reading


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