Audible Price Complaints

I have been a member of for almost as long as the service has been running with a 8 month break in service during a billing snafu that resulted in me getting super annoyed and canceling for a while… Continue reading

Son of a Witch, Las Vegas Bound, Themes, Themes WP Schmemes

It started out kind of slow compared to wicked, but finally picked up enough to be engrossing about half way through the book, I’m talking about Son of a Witch that is.  I got the impression that after the author’s… Continue reading

Coming Out of a Great Weekend

Since I worked all night last night (Sunday) I feel obliged and guilt free in talking about my weekend a little bit.  :)

WordPress Meetup in Charlotte

Artisteer - WordPress Theme GeneratorGoing into the weekend, I was gearing up for the Greater Charlotte Area WordPress… Continue reading

Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card

Look if you want to read this article beware because I am going to blow the plot 8 ways from Sunday.  It is really impossible to talk about this book without blowing the plot.  Some stories, movies, books are just like that.  Its kind of like trying to explain the classic Frik ‘n Frak joke without giving away the punch line.  The punch line is the only thing that ties the story together.  You have to give it if you plan on having a real discussion about it.

imageNow, I do not write ‘book reviews’.  Its just not my thing.  Never intended to do so in the past and do not intend to start now.  I like to write and I like to read even more, but I do not like to write about what I read, kind of.

Consider this particular discussion less of a review of Lost Boys and more of a empathetic dialogue or maybe a commiseration with other marks that have read this book.  I use the term ‘mark’ not to take anything away from the book.  I use it because that kind of fits.  Like the Frik ‘n Frak joke you have to experience the joke and in doing so you have to be the butt of the joke to get the full experience of the story.  That is because the reader or observer actually becomes part of the story and this is not really known until the punch line is dropped.

Lost Boys was written according to the author as a response to Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery.  I did not know that when I read the book, and I am glad I didn’t.  It would have spoiled the book.  Throughout the book boys keep disappearing from a small town, and after reading too many James Patterson novels in the 90’s, I kept expecting a showdown with a diabolical villain. It was written in response to Pet Cemetery such that the author could write a story about a boy that haunts his parents, but the boy is still pure or innocent or at least ‘not evil’. 

So the author walks the reader through this long drawn out story.  This is classic Frik n Frak stuff. The longer the story, the more twists and turns and sub plots the deeper the hook is sunk into the cheek of the reader until the author finally tires of teasing his prey along and jerks the fishing rod of the text into the air, yanks the last remaining hidden plot element and exposes the punch line

This post continues Continue reading

Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card – Right amount of Philosophy

I finished reading Children of the Mind a couple nights ago.  Children of the Mind is one of the books in the Ender’s series by Orson Scott Card.  This was one of those sequel books that is a must read… Continue reading

Next up in my que ‘Speaker for the Dead’ by Orson Scott Card

I finished reading the twentieth anniversary edition of Ender’s Game a couple weeks ago.   I followed that up with a book by Louis Black called Nothing Sacred.

Speaker for the Dead is the sequel to Ender’s Game.  Ender’s Game was… Continue reading


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